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Family of Berks and Schuylkill Counties, Pennsylvania

A Short History of Zehner Family Reunions

Zehner Family reunions have been held in various parts of the country for more than a century. The earliest Ohio reunion was held on the 2 June 1898 at the home of Peter Zehner in Mifflin, Ashland County, Ohio. About 400 people attended. Called the Zehner Relatives Society, most of its officers were from Homerville, Medina County, Ohio. Reunions were held on the first Thursday in June for an unknown number of years.

The first Zehner reunion in Indiana was held on 18 August 1918 at Central Park in Plymouth, Marshall County. Attendees at the 1919 reunion resolved to compile a history of the Zehners, which resulted in a 216-page book published in 1939 by Ellen (Zehner) Carpenter.

Calendar of Zehner Reunions

Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, Zehner Family Reunion
August 22, 2010
Hours: 1:00 p.m. until ...
At the West Penn Rod & Gun Club
1047 Clamtown Road
Tamaqua, PA 18252
For more information contact .

Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, Zehner Family Reunion
September 11, 2010
Hours: TBD
At the Black Creek United Methodist Church
158 Golf Course Road Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania 18249

This will be the 30th reunion of the descendants of David Washington and Eliza Shiner Zehner. The 29th reunion had 26 members in attendance. A roll call of families showed that Benjamin Zehner had 16 present and Frease Zehner had 10 present. The president is Clyde A. Zehner Jr, and the vice-president is Betty Dietrich.

Garman Zehner reported information he received in a book by from William j. Zehner of Florida. According to the book, the couple is buried in the Old Zion Stone Church Cemetery in Tamaqua, and it contains a Revolutionary War marker bearing Adam's name.

Oregon Branch of the Zehner Family Reunion
August 14, 2010
Hours: 10 a.m. to ?
At the home of the organizer
76795 Mosby Creek Road
Cottage Grove, OR 97424

This will be the first annual reunion of the descendants of Sarah Ann5 Zehner (David4, Benjamin3, David2, Adam1 Zehner of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania). David4 Zehner and his wife Margarette moved their family into Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, from Marshall County, Indiana, about 1888. Their son Daniel Abraham Zehner was the first Zehner to be born there on 2 July 1889. David's descendants are now numerous in the area.

Everyone is welcome. Reunion organizer is Kathy R. (Fisher-Zehner) Jacobsen. For more information, please contact by email or phone at 541-942-4114 or 541-513-8754.

Ohio Zehner Family Reunion: Black Forest to America 1746
July 25, 2010
Hours: TBD
Location: TBD: Vicinity of Burbank, Lodi, or Crestview, OH

This annual reunion of the descendants of Henry4 Zehner (Jacob3, John2, Adam1 Zehner of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania) has been held on the last Sunday of July for many years. Jacob3 Zehner and his wife Anna Maria (Stein) moved from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, into what is now Ashland County, Ohio about 1835. Their first child, John, was born there that year. His descendants are now fairly numerous in Medina and Wayne Counties.

Everyone is welcome. Reunion organizer is Randy Franks. For more information, visit his Web page at Zehner Family Reunion or contact by Email.

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